Notes of Importance

School Sports –Head Injuries

The New Jersey Senate passed Bill S2348 on February 13, 2017 extending the current law regarding the Student Athlete Head Injury Safety Program, covering interscholastic sports programs of public and non-public schools, to Intramural sports programs.  In addition, the coaches of intramural sports programs must complete the same safety training program mandated for interscholastic sports coaches implementation in the 2011- 2012 school year.  The Assembly companion bill (A3799) awaits a vote.

Infra-red Thermographic Inspections for Electrical System

Over the last two years HSB Thermography Services has been inspecting the electrical and mechanical systems at Diocesan Insured properties as recommended by our Property Insurance Carrier Lexington.  New inspections for previously unexpected facilities will begin in May and continue through September.  In order to minimize the cost to parishes and schools we are coordinating inspections by geographic area. The greater the number of properties inspected in a day the lower the cost to each property. Business Managers will start receiving calls in early May to set up appointments.  It is important that school and church properties be inspected with the lights and air conditioning operating so that thermal loads can be measured when equipment is utilized. Someone with knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems on the property must be present.  It is also recommended that the parish or school electrician be present to assist the inspector reducing the cost of the inspection and to correct as many problems as possible during the inspection. To schedule a visit before you are contacted please send Joe Cahill an e-mail request for a late May or early June inspection date.

Insurance and Site License Agreements for the Knights of Columbus Councils and St Vincent DePaul Conferences that Utilize Parish Buildings

Knights of Columbus Councils and St Vincent DePaul Conferences that utilize parish properties for meetings, events or other purposes must provide the host parish and Diocese with a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the Parish, Pastor, Diocese of Trenton and Bishop David M O’Connell CM as additional insured on their liability insurance policy (primary noncontributory coverage with a waiver of subrogation). 
When the certificate of coverage is received please have the Parish Business Manager contact the Diocesan Office of Risk Management to obtain a License Agreement that conforms to Diocesan policy for execution with the Council or Conference.

Testing for Lead in Drinking Water at Diocesan Schools

A testing program is underway to sample all sources of drinking and cooking water in schools of the Diocese of Trenton. The NJ Department of Education has issued a new rule for testing in all public schools. The Diocese, acting in the best interests of all of our students, has implemented a testing program in compliance with the guidelines issued by the NJDOE.