Certificates of Insurance

To obtain a Certificate of Insurance showing coverage for the Diocese, please fill out our online form.

If you would like to download a PFD version of the form, please click on the following link: Certificate of Insurance Request Form.

Note: If the Certificate is needed for a single event, please include the name of the event, date and location. If the party requiring the Certificate has sent a letter or other instruction sheet, please attach a copy to the Request Form when submitting it to Willis. Please allow as much time as possible before the event to permit resolution of any questions.

Asking for Certificates of Insurance from Independent Contractors/Outside Entities

Covered entities under the Diocesan Insurance Program must make certain that all independent contractors, vendors, or non-Diocesan entities using Diocesean facilities are fully insured prior to commencing work.

All locations are hereby advised that the only proof of insurance they are to accept from an independent contractor is an insurance certificate issued directly by the independent contractor’s insurance agent. The insurance certificate must show liability limits of at least $1,000,000 in coverage for general and auto liability insurance. It must also show that there is workers compensation insurance in place. In the case of a parish, the certificate must also show as “additional insured” the parish, the Pastor, the Diocese of Trenton and Bishop David M. O’Connell. In the case of non-parish entities, it is to show the entity, the chief executive officer thereof, together with the Diocese of Trenton and Bishop David M. O’Connell as additional insured.