Workers Comp FAQs

Are religious employees covered by Workers Compensation?

Yes, religious employees are covered if the injuries arise out of and in the course of their employment.

Are employees covered by Workers Compensation while traveling to and from work?

Employees are typically not covered while traveling to and from work. However, an exception may be made if an employee was traveling to and from a non-employer owned location (for example to a seminar or off site visit which is work-related and directed by the Diocese).

I am volunteering for the church. Am I covered by their Workers Compensation?

 No, volunteers are not covered under workers compensation.

Are full-time 1099 Diocesan contract employees covered by Workers Compensation?

While independent contractors are not typically considered employees and are not normally covered by workers compensation, Diocesan-contracted 1099 full-time staff will be considered to be employees and covered by workers compensation.