Property FAQs

Is leased equipment such as telephone systems, copiers and postage machines covered or should I purchase the coverage offered by the leasing company?

All property, with some exceptions, is covered while in your care, custody and control at full replacement cost value. To request evidence of insurance, follow the instructions in the Certificates of Insurance section for ordering a Property insurance certificate as related to the leased items or mortgaged property. A mortgage company will most likely request to be shown as “Mortgagee” on the certificate and a leasing company will likely request to be shown as “Loss Payee.”

My parish is planning on adding a new building to our property. Is new construction covered? What do I need to do to get Builders Risk Coverage?

Please contact Deacon Bill Wilson or Scott Pirozzi in the Pastoral Office to report new construction for approval.

Where do I report Property Claims?

Any property claims should be reported per the Claims Reporting Procedures.