Liability FAQs

What is a “Certificate of Liability Insurance” and how do I get one?

A certificate of insurance provides evidence of the types and amounts of insurance you currently maintain to the “certificate holder” who is the party requesting such evidence. It is not uncommon for an organization to request a certificate if you plan to utilize their facilities. For more information and to download a Certificate of Insurance Request Form, please see the Certificate of Insurance section of our website.

What does it mean to provide someone with “Additional Insured” status?

To name an organization as an additional insured, you are affording them essentially the same coverage and protection as the “Named Insureds," but they are not obligated to make any premium payments or warranties to the insurance company. Additional insureds are entitled to defense costs and loss payments relating to claims made under that policy. Never give an outside party this status unless there is a contractual obligation to do so. The reason you would request to be named as an additional insured on the insurance policy of another entity would include a contractual requirement or to define a relationship whereby you may be allowing them to use your facility. You would be seeking to “transfer” any liability to the entity that would be using your facility and controlling the events during such usage. This is not an uncommon practice and makes good business sense.

Are we covered if we are involved in an offsite activity?

Yes, as long as it is a parish/school/Diocesan location sanctioned event, your coverage would apply. 

During our Saturday picnic, are adults free to bring alcoholic beverages?

Yes, the Diocese has “Host Liquor Liability Coverage" for incidental exposure such as this.

During our fundraiser, we plan to sell alcoholic beverages. Is this OK?

While the Diocese has “Host Liquor Liability Coverage" for incidental exposure, when alcohol will be distributed or sold, a Special Event policy should be put in place. Refer to the Special Events section for further information.