School Student Accident Coverage

In order to ensure that all students and other youth participants who are involved in events sponsored by the Diocese of Trenton are protected in the event of an occurrence requiring medical care, the Diocese provides “Student Accident” coverage to fill any gaps which might exist if their own personal medical coverage is either inadequate or non-existent.

Who is Covered

  • All students enrolled in Diocesan schools (includes pre-K through 12th grade)
  • All students participating in the religious education program (CCD) and CYO

What is Covered

All usual and customary medical costs, excess of any other valid and collectible insurance, for covered injuries and events subject to policy limits.

Covered events include all covered injuries while:

  • Traveling directly to and from school
  • At school
  • Participating in any school, religious education (CCD), CYO or parish youth ministry sponsored and supervised activities on and off school premises

Coverage is offered on a Full Excess Basis which means that benefits are paid only for those medical expenses that are NOT covered by other applicable personal or group insurance plans, or Health Maintenance Organizations or similar organizations.

Note: Claim forms must be submitted to the claim administrator within 90 days of the date of the accident for coverage to apply. Please download the form here:

Student Accident Form