Crime Policy

The insurance program provided by the Diocese of Trenton incorporates a blanket limit of crime insurance for all Diocesan Insured entities and applies on a per occurrence basis with a maximum aggregate limit of liability.

Who is Covered

  • The Diocese of Trenton, its Insured Entities, Officers and Employees
  • All members of any committee of the Diocese of Trenton whether or not they are compensated while performing services as the chairman or member of such committee
  • Volunteer workers of the Diocese while performing services within the scope of their duties (except for fund solicitors)

What is Covered

  • Loss of money, securities from employee dishonesty
  • Forgery or alterations of checks
  • Theft, disappearance of money, securities from inside the premises
  • Theft, disappearance of meny, securities from outside the premises
  • Loss of money from computer fraud